What we do

Your company is as strong as your weakest link.

We build the technical chains that never fail you.

To ensure daily smooth operations, preserving your life’s work.

That’s IT for your technical problems.


Pass on your IT worries to us and That’s IT


Why Choose That’s IT?

Minimum Downtime

We promise you minimum downtime to resolve your issues and are committed with you towards the productivity of your company.

Highly Reliable

We don’t nitpick on what we are supposed to do. We make sure every single hardware/software are maintain to its operational-best.

No Hidden Charges

We swear by the “no hidden charges” pledge.

On-Site Consultation

We conduct on-site visits and understand your “pain”, business structure limitation and constraints, and recommend what suits you. When your business starts growing to suit more complicated solutions, we are more than happy to provide you with it.

Experts in Malware

Do you have an unfortunate friend who has recently been a victim of ransomware or Wannacry virus? Never worry again as we are well equipped to deter, detect and destroy most malicious threats.

Customer Friendly

Other providers may scare you with technical jargons, making you feel the urgency to buy. Understand the basics of your own tech problems by trying our questionnaire. (have a generic simple questionnaire, where questions cater to different tech problems) If you still do not feel comfortable engaging us, feel free to take that same questionnaire to another provider. You will hear the same cause (maybe not the same cost). We are that confident!


Stop smashing your keyboard! Don’t vent on your poor mouse! Help is just a click away.

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