because hard drives are so … meh…

Cloud Storage

Your life’s work is measured in bytes of data.

  • The contract you drafted for next week.
  • The folder with your client’s important (and sensitive) info.
  • Your business plans you spent a lifetime building up.

What if it was all gone? Never to be recovered?

Yes, there are backup options, but would you do it daily?

How many external hard drives do you need?

Business continuity is all about lowering risk and getting back on track fast.

Introducing That’s IT Cloud Storage

No, we are different from the usual ones you know.

When you sign an online cloud package, the provider is clueless of your current storage status, how much data space you need, or if you are already infected with some sort of virus or malware.

We visit your office.

Now you can identify our brand with a face. Request for a consultation today.

During our visit, we

  • Verify your current storage system.
  • Check all computers to be protected.
  • Estimate the total data space you need.
  • Provide the best cloud option, with backup and system recovery.

Cloud storage was particularly useful due to the recent ransomware attack, which affected thousands of systems in over 100 countries.

cloud storage
That's IT Cloud Storage Ransomware

WannaCry, No More


annaCry ransomware attack began on Friday, 12 May 2017. It locks down all the files on your infected computer and demands a ransom to regain control.

The longer you take to pay, the higher the ransom goes

Your nightmare does not end here.

The ransomware hunts other computers within the same wireless network.

Your colleagues and boss are next.

Try rebuilding your computer. Reinstall the operating system. Finding the patch. Copy files from hard disks.

How long is that going to take?

That time is money.

Link any new computer to our cloud storage, and business goes on as usual! That’s IT to your headaches.

Call ,or click on the WhatsApp button, or book a date in our calendar.

Data Backup Automatically

  • Do you keep external hard disks?
  • Do you label each one?
  • Do you spend a crazy amount of time doing backup?
  • Do you spend an even crazier amount of time recovering your system?

If you have answered yes to any or all the above, my next question is Why?

That’s IT cloud storage takes away all the fuss and senseless efforts of doing backup on your own

During our on-site visit, we guide you on how to backup data automatically and how to recover data easily.

That's IT Cloud Storage
Assess Data Remotely

Assess Data Remotely

Business meetings are always about making a good impression.


ur cloud storage connects you and your data from anywhere at any time. You can share documents on the go from your mobile. No need to carry a heavy laptop everywhere.

Switch on your laptop. Wait for it to boot up. Find the right file you want. Might take 1 to 2 minutes

Meanwhile, your prospect’s attention is wandering elsewhere. Maybe thinking of what your rival could do better, and faster

Our IT tech shows you how to assess the data you want at your fingertips on your mobile.

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