That's IT Domain, Web and Email Hosting allows anyone and everyone to view their business anywhere anytime any device.

Domain, Website & Email Hosting

We save you time.

You are a busy business person. I explain in a few simple words, why us.

One-stop Domain / Website / Email migration & transfer

Problem solved. For the busy you who do not want to waste precious time figuring out how


n this digital age, no business owners want to be left behind. Everyone desires an online presence. Yet, you need to handle those technical things above. It may not be our strength. Running your business should come first

Nothing beats operating your business when you are hot on passion.

  • Why go through lengthy domain transfers?
  • Why suffer a non-working website?
  • Why risk losing work emails?

All these admin setup is crucial in every second of operating your business.

Lost opportunities. Angry staff. Missed data. Bad reputation. The list goes on

What we offer is convenience

Being your after-sales support, we can target the root problem fast and solve it accurately.

Simply because we handle all that is important for your online presence.

We know your worry. You worry we only talk a big game. Read our testimonial then, from a law firm no less.

Just call us, and we get it all set up for you.

If “domain” confuses you, or you are unsure how domain links to website, we are here to help!

That's IT local server to help clients with their web and email hosting requirements and needs.
  • (Imagine) Domain is a carpark. Website is your seasoned parking lot. Email is the message at gantry telling others you belong here.


    et’s say, you are paying $20 a month for the current seasoned parking lot in carpark A. You could have paid only $18 a month for an equally nearby seasoned parking lot in carpark B.

    But, being unfamiliar with these IT terms, you did the migration and transfer wrongly.

    Your car (your work) is now stuck at the gantry. That’s SHIT!

    Helpless, you pressed the “Ask for Help” button at the gantry. But the domain, the website, the email, were all handled by different vendors. Good luck to you.

    We help by gathering all services under 1 roof, domain/website/email under 1 provider.

    And when you press the “Ask for Help” buttons on your phone, we explain in simple terms, easy to understand.

    Tell us your problem, we give you the solution. That’s IT (short for That’s Infotech, our company).

That's IT Domain, Web and Email Hosting allows anyone and everyone to view their business anywhere anytime any device.

What we offer is continuity

Business must continue, uninterrupted. What could you do when a web host is down? When an entire carpark is closed off, with your car still stuck inside?

This is where we truly are unique.

For a short period of time, we transfer on your behalf to another web host. Ensuring seamless workflow and the same user interface for you.

Best part of the deal? We absorb the transfer cost for this short period.

What we offer is complimentary

Disclaimer: Free web hosting service is offered on top of other purchased services. Find out which services

All the research into which vendor is cheaper, all the admin work to cancel at previous vendor and apply with next vendor, we do it for you for free.

Check out what other services we do (Those are not free).

Or, book an appointment today.

Operate your business with a smooth ride.

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