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Do You Really Need A Full-Time IT Guy?

You know it’s true.

IT problems do not always happen. Ever question why you are paying for a full-time IT headcount, when most days are tech-incident free.


et, you do not know when tech problems will happen. Right when you need help most, your IT guy might be away on personal leave. What do you do then? Desperately Google for an IT provider?

One of these things are possible:

  • You cannot find a trustworthy provider.
  • You will get ripped off for such Ad-hoc repairs.

Do you really want to risk that?

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IT Support - Remote/Online/Email IT Maintenance and Support

Need Help? Queue Up

You: Hi, there is a file that I need to assess for the 2pm meeting later, but the error message says it is corrupted

IT: Please send e-ticket.

You: Its urgent! Can’t you please help?!

IT: Sorry, I have other tasks on hand. You need to queue up.

You: That’s IT. (Throws your hands up in the air)


hat’s IT (short for That’s Infotech) is our company name. We prioritize your tech problems when you sign a maintenance contract with us. Law firms trust us, so should you.

We offer customized packages for maintenance, ranging from SGD 500/1000/1500 per month

Each of these packages scale to different sizes of companies and staff power.


When your business has grown to require upgrades, Congratulations! We are more than happy.

Will Your IT Guy Know All Of These?

Once your company grows to have 5 staff and above, you are going to need:

  • Creation/deletion/amendment of email accounts
  • Data Management
  • Staff information handling
  • Operational software troubleshooting
  • Data backup
  • System recovery

If your IT guy can do all of that, please keep hiring this talent.


ruth is, being in one workplace limits experience and knowledge. You are only as good as the problems you have solved. We bring with us successful solutions to different companies and industries.

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Try out a short maintenance contract. Do your cost savings over time and see for yourself. Or we could show you our past successful case studies in person.

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