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Interviewer : Hi Joel, this is a new way of hiring. Tell us why you chose video

Joel : Hi. We do things differently here, even to hire someone.

Our belief is to get the job done. As simple as possible.

When you go for interview, you may be nervous. In this video, you already know how I look, how I talk, what I expect. You have time to prepare your answers.

I am in my twenties. So, if taking instructions from someone younger upsets your tummy and spoil your lunch, please do not apply. Ha ha.

Interviewer : What sort of work experience is needed?

Joel : At least 5 years work experience. No need to be IT-related.

If you have experience in admin or sales or project management, please impress us. You may be so good that we create a position just for you!

Interviewer : Who will be the mentor?

Joel : You will be guided by me. If you want to learn, and you are a fan of Overwatch,

we will get along very well!

To be honest, I am not the scholar type.

The ITE degree I have, is not even IT-related. But I work smart and learn fast from my mentor. This is what I look for if you work with us.

You learn a different skillset from business owners. Besides IT related skills, I had to learn how to register a new business, set up customer database, do email marketing, strengthen my branding and so much more

Interviewer : And if the person has IT work experience, is that better?

Joel : Tell us one major IT project you did. Your IT experience will decide your final pay.

If you have more than 10 years’ experience, please continue where you are. I don’t think I can afford you…… No really, I cannot afford you. Ha ha.

Interviewer : What personality are you looking for?

Joel : If you are not a people-person, and enjoy quiet time working with equipment
and software, this job fits you.

Cannot tahan office politics? No office politics in this job.

Your boss always micro you? I don’t have time to micro.

Your results show your work. So, I don’t bother to track your attendance. If you need to go on leave or you are sick, just let us know and you can go ahead.

While we are not calculative, please do not be calculative with us.

Before you manage your work, first manage yourself. You set your own deadlines

and you meet them. If you need someone to help, ask in advance. Don’t wait till last minute.

Interviewer : What benefits can the person look forward to?

Joel : You can work from home.

You know your work ahead of time in our events calendar. If no job planned foryou on that day, then your own time own target loh.

Some days you only work a few hours. But some days you will work more. Depends on customer’s situation. Sometimes overnight even, if it is an emergency.

So, if you are sick of the usual 9-to-5 life, welcome to join us.

For those who need a fresh start in life, I will spend time guiding you. Because I had a chance at doing something different from what I learnt in school, now I offer this chance to you.

You need not be school-smart to succeed in life. If you work hard and learn fast, some day you may be making your own video hiring for your own company.

Interviewer : Anything special that the person can look out for?

Joel : In any IT company, you need to carry hardware and equipment. You need
physical strength.

Following instructions is important in IT industry. To meet our customer’s request, we need to follow instructions. If you are someone who likes to challenge instructions, emmmmm, please go to another company. Ha ha

Interviewer : Joel, tell us how the person can contact you.

Joel : Record a video of yourself answering these questions:

How many years working experience?

    • Is it IT related? If yes, describe one major project.
    • Why you want this job?
    • What is the pay you ask for?
    • When can you start work?
    • How do I contact you?

Email the video to

Hi there,
I would like to enquire about your services.
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