NAS (Network Attached Storage)

How easy. All the data stored in many hard disks, now in virtual instead.


his huge data you have in the form of invoices, quotations, tenders, purchase orders and accounting information. It must be handy at all times for you and your staff. It must be secure and backed up.

This is what NAS (Network Attached Storage) does for you:

  • No more agony when you realize the hard disk is out of space and need to go buy one during lunch.
  • No more need to keep buying new hard disks with bigger storage.
  • No more waste of time to transfer files from previous hard disk to new.
  • No more fear of losing valuable data when one hard disk is corrupted.
  • No more spending money to buy duplicate backup hard disks.
  • No more worries of bringing the wrong hard disk when you are out.
  • No more blaming colleagues who brought home your hard disk.

NAS is Dropbox owned by you


You may be thinking, “why not just store all data in server?”

Because server installation easily costs you 6k and excludes maintenance.


hen you purchase NAS, we start you with 8 TB of data storage space. This should meet your business needs for quite a while. You can scale
up when business expands. At the same time, you also have:

  • The ease to drag and drop files into NAS.
  • The power to map the drives the way you want.
  • The authority to assign storage space for your clients.
  • The freedom to sync data whenever and wherever you like.
  • The choice to configure auto data backup to your preferred schedule.
  • The peace of mind that full data recovery can be done within 1 hour.

How flexible

However. With great power comes great responsibility

NAS being self-owned, means you need to keep your cyber security measures strong (eg. Reinforced firewall).

Otherwise, Network Attached Storage might just be Network Attacked Storage


aving strong cyber security is something you should do anyway. Lucky for you, we also help in analyzing your hardware and software infrastructure

So, give us a call today and we visit your office.
Get NAS installed and stop worrying about cyber security.

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